SmartMoney is proud to be featured in a blog post from MasterCard Foundation’s Ann Miles.


We’re live with the first major update to our company website since SmartMoney launched in 2012. We have a fresh new look and it really feels like it’s ours. Check out all our new social media links too – we’re all over the scene!

SmartMoney is pleased to announce some changes to our management team. In January, 2015, Mr. Michael Rothe joined SmartMoney as a Managing Partner. In January 2016 Mr. Robert Matthews joined the SmartMoney management team as a Group Finance Director. This month Ms. Sharon Masika is being promoted for the fourth time in three years to Sales Director and Ms. Justine Babirye is being promoted to District Manager of Kasese District.

My name is Michael Spencer and I began SmartMoney in 2010 to provide Rural Africans a safe and secure place to save their money. Along the way I met many wonderful rural people with interesting and inspiring stories to share. At their request, I began photographing some of these people and writing short captions for the photos. This evolved into longer interviews. In February 2016 my nephew, Magnus Kuttainen, joined SmartMoney in Uganda for his gap year and he also started capturing photo interviews of the people he met. Magnus helped me to organize the photo interviews into this blog which we call SmartHumans of Uganda. Our vision is to expand upon what Magnus and I started by providing a platform to other photo bloggers who live and work in Uganda’s rural communities and who are equally passionate about capturing and sharing photo interviews of the members of their community.

SmartMoney is pleased to announce that we are among 9 winners of the MasterCard Foundation Fund for Rural Prosperity’s first Innovation Competition. 400+ organizations competed for this coveted award. The prize is a two year grant allowing SmartMoney to expand the company’s E-Village operations in Western Uganda to hundreds of thousands of additional rural customers.