Digital Money – Free & Agentless

Think “ApplePay for the village.” SmartMoney establishes modern village-wide ledger-based digital money networks tailored to the diverse and interconnected savings and payment needs of rural farmers, households, merchants, schools, churches, agriculture companies, NGOs and other rural institutions.

SmartMoney goes beyond conventional tech-only digital money solutions such as mobile apps and blockchain-based cryptocurrency by pioneering an enabling free and agentless peer-to-peer network approach. Our digital money networks address essential savings and payment needs of rural village stakeholders, including rural households, farmers, small rural businesses and merchants plus larger rural institutions such as agriculture companies, schools, churches and NGOs.

The underlying foundation of our solution is a marketing, training and servicing model that has been iterated and tested in the field since 2012. Today, SmartMoney services more than 200,000 rural people and merchants and is opening an astonishing 750 new customer accounts per day in a single district. Expansion to additional districts in Uganda is already underway.


SmartMoney has turned the vision of the large scale digitization of rural cash transactions into reality. SmartMoney customers can purchase goods such as salt, sugar and sodas at more than 2,000 rural merchants across Uganda and Tanzania. Recent customer research confirms SmartMoney’s unique ability to drive adoption for low value payments. With training, more than 50% of SmartMoney’s rural customers make digital payments for goods and services in their daily lives. This compares to less than 2% having ever used conventional mobile money or bank transfers to buy goods and services, and only 1% having used conventional mobile money to buy anything other than airtime.